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6 weeks

On Thanksgiving Day, our sweet Isla turned 6 weeks old! Kind of fun for this holiday-loving mama, given that her 2 week milestone was on Halloween. It was also an exciting day because we left for a long weekend trip to Beijing, and Isla took her first flight!


This 6th week of life has brought on some big changes, and I think it is safe to say there are no more traces of “newborn-ness” left in our baby girl. She is growing sturdier, more active, and CUTER by the day! We are seeing less of “bobble-head baby,” as our strong girl is holding her head up for extended stretches of time now. Isla has also begun to work her little leg muscles more actively, and has started to push herself into a standing position when we’re holding her on our laps. Oh, and speaking of legs, she has officially acquired her first little thigh roll. Eeeek! I cannot get over the cuteness!!!


An observant little peanut, Isla loves to look around, and now regularly meets the gaze of people talking to her. Her usual responses include a tucked chin/surprised raised eyebrow response (hilarious!), a stern scowl, or a big gummy, open mouthed smile (my favorite!). She babbles and coos more every day, and continues to love chatting with her daddy the most.

With this increased alertness comes a growing determination to fight sleep, so naps have been a bit more of a challenge these days. But, with a good snuggle, her pacifier, and some white noise roaring away, we can eventually coax Isla to drift into dreamland. She still goes to bed at night without any fuss or resistance… sure hope I didn’t just jinx us by stating that!


Also changing this week are Isla’s eating habits. Baby Girl is hungry! We think she is on her first little growth spurt, as she has been wanting to eat every two hours during the day, and we both swear she feels significantly heavier in the evening than in the morning.

While I’m treasuring every bit of Isla’s tininess, I am enjoying each new day and development, as her cute personality continues to emerge. Each day our sweet baby girl continues to steal our hearts, and while we can still remember hints of life before Isla arrived, we’re definitely beginning to understand what people mean when they say that once you have children you’ll wonder what your life was all about before!